Taxis and Ride Share

Convenient pick up and drop off to your door

Ahoy, Taxi!

The taxi rank is located right outside the terminal - you can't miss it. Click here to view on map.

Show me the money

It's nice to go into a trip knowing what you're going to be paying. Travelling from the airport to the CBD is approximately a ten-minute drive with an estimated fare of $16.00.  There is a free taxi phone located outside the terminal near the taxi rank where you'll be able to get direct access to the travel information you need.

Click here for more information or call 131 008.

Lost something in a Taxi? 

For any items lost in transit in a taxi, make direct contact with the Taxi company - remember to always get a receipt, as the information it contains (such as taxi ID number and time of travel) is vital should you accidentally leave any items behind.

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