Lost Property

I've misplaced something...

Lost Property

It is a common occurrence to misplace items, especially when time constraints are in play with catching flights.

For assistance with misplaced items or luggage left on the carousel, or for damaged luggage, please contact your airline directly.

As for items lost in transit in a taxi, make direct contact with the taxi company.

For any items lost or found within the Rockhampton Airport terminal or car parks, please contact Rockhampton Regional Council's Customer Service on 1300 22 55 77, or after hours on (07) 4922 5021.

Unattended Items

Always keep your belongings with you. Baggage and personal items should under no circumstances be left unattended. Any unattended item at the airport will be treated as a suspicious item. Make sure that all baggage is clearly labeled with your name and address details on the inside and your name and destination displayed on the outside.