Rockhampton Airport takes security seriously

Security Screening

The safety and security of all passengers, visitors and staff at Rockhampton Airport is our top priority. Our Security Screening processes follow the strict regulations specified by the Australian Government.

Before accessing the departures lounge, all persons will be subject to security screening. This process is designed to ensure prohibited items and weapons are not taken into the lounge, an airside area or on board an aircraft.

All goods, items and bags must be presented for x-ray screening. All persons will need to go through the security screening process until cleared. This may include a combination of screening methods (body scanner, walk through metal detector, hand-held metal detector or frisk search). Persons may also be randomly selected for explosive trace detection testing after proceeding through the initial screening process.

Friends and relatives are more than welcome to enter the departures lounge (without a boarding pass), however will also be subject to security screening and will not be permitted past the boarding gate.

For travellers with specific needs including those travelling with children, visit the TravelSECURE  website for tips to help prepare for your journey and clear security checks quickly and easily.

Certain items are not permitted within carry-on baggage. View the full list of prohibited items and dangerous goods here.

Checked baggage is also subject to screening. If you require further information, contact your airline before travelling.

For more information on the security screening process, visit the TravelSECURE website.

Please Note: From August 2020 Rockhampton Airport is progressively upgrading its security screening equipment in accordance with an Australian Government directive under the Strengthening Aviation Security Initiative.

Upgrades include:

  • The replacement of metal detectors with body scanners; and
  • The upgrade of x-ray screening equipment.

Persons presenting for screening must remove outer layers of clothing (jackets and jumpers) and all items from pockets, before entering the body scanner (PDF, 418KB).

Body scanners utilise non-ionising millimetre wave technology to detect items worn or carried on the body. Scanners used in Australia display a generic outline of a person with no identifying features. They cannot store or transmit any personal or identifying information.

Alternative screening will be provided for any persons with a medical or physical condition that may prevent them from being screened by a body scanner.

If you are concerned about any aspect of the screening process, please speak to a security screening officer at the screening point.


Security related threats

Passengers and visitors to the airport are reminded that any comments made about weapons, explosives or potential threats to aviation or airport staff, will be taken seriously, regardless of intent. This may result in refusal to fly and/or prosecution.


Smile for the camera! CCTV surveillance is used extensively at Rockhampton Airport 24/7 for the purposes of public safety, security, crime prevention and detection. Images may be provided to Queensland Police or other law enforcement agencies. Your personal information will not be disclosed to any other person or organisation external to Council unless required or authorised by law.

Smoking Areas 

The Queensland Government prohibits smoking in the terminal or within 5 metres of the entrance to the building. Rockhampton Airport has provided one designated smoking area located at:

  • The arrivals or baggage collection end of the terminal before the taxi rank.

Airport Management request members of the public refrain from smoking directly in front of the terminal doors, which is a non-smoking area.