Council looks to future projects

Published on 03 July 2019

Quay Street

Rockhampton Regional Council is looking forward to the Region’s future, and has allocated funding to the advance planning and development of a number of potential new strategic projects.

Some of the projects include design development for the fireclay caverns, high level strategic planning of sports and events precincts, concept design for an extension to the airport apron, and a feasibility assessment for airport flood mitigation works.

Mayor Margaret Strelow said the funds will be dedicated to the early stages of development for significant strategic projects which could guide the future of the Rockhampton Region.

“This is the first year that we have deliberately set aside dedicated funding for the early strategic development and planning of projects in this way,” said Mayor Strelow.

“Our intention with this decision is to create an opportunity to really map out the works that are important for the progress of our Region, and to generate a pipeline of investment ready projects.

“For example, we have allocated $80,000 to the development of designs to open the Fireclay Caverns, which will be major tourism drawcard, and an important part of our broader strategy to activate Mount Morgan’s potential. 

“We have also allocated $200,000 toward the strategic planning of our sports and events precincts. These works will enable us to understand what we need to accommodate our Region’s much-loved events as they continue to grow, as well as attract and initiate exciting new events.

“A total of $170,000 has been committed to two strategic projects at the Rockhampton Airport.

“$100,000 is allocated to the delivery of a concept design for an extension to the airport apron, and $70,000 is set aside for the development and assessment of an airport flood mitigation concept design.

“Both of these projects will help to ensure that the Rockhampton Airport accommodates a growing population well into the future, and will also open up new economic possibilities.

“All of these projects are currently in very early stages, and this budget allocation is not intended to cover all of the project planning and development work required over their lifetimes.

“What these allocated funds do allow us to do, however, is to look forward and begin developing projects that will be strategically important for our Region in coming years.

“There are other studies which were separately funded in the budget, including work on a conference facility and the development of a masterplan for the area around Norbridge Park and The Common.”